Think economically
Act cleanly

SWISSFEEL enables you to turn your mattresses into a successful and cost effective without compromising, hygiene and ergonomics, an untapped potential to what SWISSFEEL’s rental or purchase programs, along with washing service, offer economical solutions for hospitality operations of all sizes.

Like hospitality linen service, SWISSFEEL bed systems can be rented, freeing you of high capital commitment for purchases. Pillows, mattresses and even the entire bed systems with cleaning services can be leased for a defined period of time. This proven model is cost effective and provides financial flexibility for needs in other areas.

Any targeted occupancy rate is dependent on the availability of bed and room capacity. Any event that disrupts room availability increases expenses and potential revenue loss. With an appropriate framework agreement, these costly outages can be avoided by having agreed reserves available for use at a moment’s notice.

While the hotel bed may be core, it is still only one of many services that a hotel has to provide to attract and retain guests. Every hotel is challenged on many fronts daily to meet the growing demands. Since all resources, especially time and money, are limited, it is important to set priorities, especially when it comes to complex investments. The hotel bed increasingly represents such a complex investment. However, those who opt for a rental solution and thus outsourcing here gain leeway in other areas and still invest securely in a sensitive core topic.

The hotel bed system from pillows and sheets to mattresses, toppers and bed frames represents an cost factor that is not limited to its purchase. Care and maintenance, replacement and repairs are additional to the acquisition costs and difficult to plan. The problem of unplanned and expensive measures to maintain bed capacity can be solved seamlessly and economically via hotel rental beds. Monthly rates help to avoid jeopardizing budget targets and to preserve liquidity.

In the area of textiles and beds, rapid developments have been observed in recent years. Stricter environmental laws mean stricter hygiene regulations. Only those who have the time and resources to specialize in this area are able to keep up with these developments. These specialists are available with the hotel rental bed solution from SWISSFEEL. They advise, support and guarantee that only certified services are used and that all current legal and association-relevant obligations are always met. Today and in the future.
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