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on sustainable SWISSFEEL mattresses

Conserve resources

Every year, up to 40 million mattresses from Europe alone end up in the trash – a waste of resources and a strain on the environment.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sustainable SWISSFEEL mattresses help to protect the environment and conserve resources, all while promoting restful and healthy sleep.

Mattress lifecycle in hotel

Tripling the lifespan conserves resources

The potential life span of a mattress is limited. Industry experts recommend that hotels change mattresses every five years to meet health and hygiene standards.

With a single wash, the useful life of a SWISSFEEL mattress in the hotel industry can be doubled, and with a second wash it can even be tripled. This protects the environment and resources.

Just because a mattress needs to be replaced for hygiene reasons does not mean that it is physically or orthopedically worn out.

Thus, mattresses are often thrown out due to hygiene recommendations, even though they are still physically suitable for sleeping. This is wasteful.

SWISSFEEL’s solution is to wash the entire mattress, sanitising it and prolonging its use to its physical (not hygienic) limit. This is what SWISSFEEL, the only brand with a guarantee of washability, can offer.

Of course there are other ways to “clean” a mattress, such as vacuuming or applying chemicals – but these methods are superficial. They can never truly sanitise a mattress or extend its lifecycle.

With a single wash, SWISSFEEL doubles the expected lifespan of a hotel mattress; with a second, the lifespan triples. This is what conserves resources and protects the environment.

True sustainability

After many years of reliable use, when a mattress is eventually worn out, SWISSFEEL is the only brand that will take the entire mattress back and ensure that the raw materials are reused.

Why SWISSFEEL is sustainable

SWISSFEEL mattresses are made of a special Swiss mineral foam, that is then protected by a fabric cover. So simple, so easy, so good.

This foam is made exclusively in Switzerland from a natural mineral oil, which is OEKO-TEX® certified, breathable, pressure relieving and fully washable. It is the best product for comfort, hygiene and value.

SWISSFEEL mattresses are made of only two materials, fabric and mineral foam, both of which can easily be washed.

SWISSFEEL also achieves a two fold sustainability.

First, we can extend the use of a mattress. Instead of the four or five years that hotels typically use a mattress, we double the life expectancy of out mattresses with one wash, and triple it with a second. Washing mattresses, as opposed to buying new ones, not only conserves nature and resources, but also saves money.

Those with specific hygiene concerns can wash as often as they would like, for example every year.

Second we and our partners can completely reuse the mattresses. At the end of its life, SWISSFEEL will take the entire mattress back and recycle its foam and fabric cover. The foam will find a second life either as pillows, upholstery for furniture or insulation material in the construction industry. This means fewer resources needed, less environmental impact, and true recycling – from old to new. Thanks to SWISSFEEL.


* This product is suitable for those with dust mite allergies, according to the Service Allergie Suisse, a subsidiary of the Allergy Center of Switzerland.

Why you can believe us

Because we know what we are doing and document every step of the way.
What do you have to do as a customer? Just buy a SWISSFEEL mattress, and we will handle the rest.

Thanks to our monitoring system, Mattrack, not only can we track every part of the manufacturing process, but also the overall lifecycle of your mattress. Based on your hygiene needs and specifications, we will remind you when your mattress is due for a washing and organise the entire process for you, including an interim mattress for you to use in the meantime. And even better, you also have access to your mattress’s online file at any time, and can request an early wash in case of any accidents or mishaps.

Philipp Hangartner, Partner & CEO SWISSFEEL Group

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