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To sleep in a hotel is a given.  No question.  So providing sleeping comfort is core to the hotel industry. Almost all hoteliers achieve the best returns with the „sale“ of beds. And yet – this is proven by current studies, surveys and hotel tests – (too) many hoteliers still do not take care of their beds, or only marginally at best.

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The hotel bed is „the“ basis of every hotel.  Healthy sleep as a contributor to our health continues to become an even more important topic. The ESV spoke about it with the diplomierten sleep advisor Jens Rosenbaum, publisher and author of the book „The Hotel Bed“ and managing director of SWISSFEEL Germany GmbH.

In the trinity of move, nourish and rest sleep lies the „secret“ of each life. The article highlights different aspects to it and is to make attentive the inclined reader on the book „the hotel bed“.

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Trends on the sleep topic and the optimal sleep comfort.

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A hotel without a room? A room without a bed. Unthinkable. The topic of sleep comfort is one of the core competencies of the hotel industry. With the „sale“ of beds, almost all hotels achieve the best returns. Yet current studies and hotel tests show (too) many hoteliers do not care about their beds. In the first part of the new „Hotelier“ series, „Hotelier“ author, sleep and bed researcher Jens Rosenbaum, presents 10 theses concerning the

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The second part of the „Hotelier“ series is about hotel mattresses. Bed experts, Jens Rosenbaum and Philipp Hangartner, answer the most important questions about mattresses.

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A world first. The Canadian luxury hotel group, The Four Seasons, is introducing the first fully customizable hotel bed. Every guest has the opportunity to adjust their bed to their individual needs in just a few minutes. Whether it’s The Four Seasons New York, Paris or Milano, in the future, guests will sleep in their very own personalized hotel bed.
Whether the guest feels comfortable in the hotel depends not least on the quality of the bed linen. But what should hoteliers consider when investing in bed linen. And: should flat linen be bought, rented or leased? Questions for hotel textile expert Stephan Hirt.

Hotels in New York and London have been suffering from a bed bug plague for months.  According to a study, hotel beds in northern Germany are teeming with coliform bacteria, molds and dust mites. How clean must a hotel bed be? What should hoteliers pay attention to when it comes to bed hygiene? Sleep comfort experts, Jens Rosenbaum and Philipp Hangartner, get to the bottom of bedbugs and mites and explain how optimal bed hygiene in hotels can generate even more revenue and save costs.

„Bed and bedding still often rank behind the flower vase when it comes to investment planning in the hotel industry,“ says sleep comfort expert, Jens Rosenbaum. „But if you want to earn revenue with the bed, you also have to invest in it.“  Learn about financing instruments available to the hotelier in the procurement of beds and bed textiles.

More and more hotel guests suffer from allergies. In Switzerland, 5 to 8 percent of the population is affected. It is mainly dust mites that cause sleepless nights in hotel beds. Hotelier Thomas Jann (Stadthaus Burgdorf) wanted to know how clean and hygienic his hotel beds were and commissioned a long-term study. Over six years, 29 mattresses were used in real hotel operations and tested for dust mites.

The vintner advertises with his wines, the butcher with his sausage, and even the car rental company actually advertises with cars. All of them advertise their core competence – except for one industry: hotels.  Instead, hoteliers candidly inform about the number of rooms and beds, but that’s it! But the bed offers enormous advertising potential for hotels, writes sleep comfort expert Jens Rosenbaum.

Hotelier – Part 9: Why Not Eco-Beds?

A complete understanding of bed & sleep in the hotel can be rounded off only, if also the aspect of the lastingness is highlighted, writes the sleep comfort expert Jens Rosenbaum. Because whether one wants or not – lastingness is no more mode word. To the hotel guest its green conscience is ever more important. So what’s to be said against illuminating the aspect of sustainability and the environment in the hotel’s core service, the hotel bed, too?